Location and History

The project is located in the Mashonaland West province of Zimbabwe, approximately 80 km southwest of Harare and 35 km southeast of Chegutu.

The country is well connected by road and rail infrastructure, with several border crossings from this land locked country. The project area covers approximately 23 903 ha located on the Great Dyke.

The Great Dyke is a PGM bearing geological feature that runs from north to south direction, and it is approximately 550 km in length and up to 11 km wide, second to the Bushveld Complex of South Africa in terms of its PGM resource base. It is sub divided into distinct sub chambers, namely the Musengezi, Darwendale, Sebakwe, Wedza and Selukwe sub chambers. The Zimplats Holdings Limited ('Zimplats') operations are located in the Sebakwe subchamber (Ngezi) and the Selous Metallurgical plant is located in the Darwendale sub chamber. The Unki Mine is located in the Selukwe sub chamber, and the Mimosa operations are located in the Wedza sub chamber. All of the aforementioned mines target the PGMs contained in the MSZ.

The project is located south of the Zimplats Selous Metallurgical Plant and north of the Zimplats Ngezi operations. It is accessible by tar road from Harare, and the closest railway line is approximately 22 km direct distance from the project site. The Ngezi Mining Lease area borders directly to the south.

Location and history map


The project concession area, measuring 23 903 ha, was previously held by Zimplats under its Special Mining Lease. On 6 June 2018, Zimplats released the project concession area to the Government, resulting in Zimplats holding two separate and non-contiguous mining leases over the Selous Metallurgical Complex ('SMC') area and the Ngezi area. Due to the vast size of the mining concessions that Zimplats held, the project concession area was never developed.

Zimplats had declared an indicated and inferred resource over the Karo project area, with the last declaration made in June 2017. The declaration states that the project area contains 96.4 Moz of PGMs (4E basis).

KMH acquired the project area in March 2018 and entered into the Investment Framework Agreement with the Republic of Zimbabwe.