KARO Mining Holdings

Karo Mining Holdings’ project in Zimbabwe will establish a large scale vertically integrated Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) mining complex, located in the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe. Karo will design and construct fully integrated facilities to ensure the maximum extraction of value from mining, through the value chain to final Base Metal and Precious Metal refining. The project is based on proven technologies and industry best practices.

Karo Mining Holdings will execute the project in partnership with the Government of Zimbabwe, under the Investment Project Framework Agreement that was signed between the parties on 22 March 2018.

Project Background

Karo Mining Holdings has been scouting for platinum mining and refining opportunities in Zimbabwe since 2009. In January 2014, the Government of Zimbabwe issued an expression of interest for companies to develop a PGM refinery in the country, to which Karo submitted an expression of interest. From 2014 through to 2018 continued engagements and extensive negotiations, an agreement was reached in March 2018.

Following the normal course for a mining operation, Karo Mining Holdings is in the process of applying for the necessary environmental and regulatory approvals, including the award of National Project Status, as well as undertaking stakeholder engagements.